Monday 21 July 2014

Updates & Plans

Last week I spent the whole time on a comp, and now plans have come and wrapped around me. Ha, funny, because most of these ideas came at the end of last week, but there was shit already planned for then.

1)      Cover Art  for Love Without Knowing It
·         I actually really like the first one I made, but it’s also the first cover I ever made so it’s not really the point. Even if I decided to pick that it will have to have a few adjustments, some more things added.
·         The thing is I’m planning on doing a cover competition, I’m not 100% sure if I’m still going to do that, because, well I like the first one enough and it fits really well for the story, I might just use that.
·         I have written out the email though, so at least that’s done. I just now need to add cover art and I’m hoping a blurb, would be lovely, and then send it to a few people
·         Still, it’s looking that the blog hope emails will be sent out by August.

2)      Editing: I’m getting together with the person helping me to edit LWKI this Wednesday, I’m sure, like always we’ll only get through 2 more chapters, but there’s always the hope that this is the last time. but we are only half way through and so I’m sure we’ll have to do at least two more, then a solid re-through before I send it to the next person who will proof before I can convert and send it out in arc form for some feedback.

3)      Converting: I finally got myself a program (for free) that will convert my files into ebook forms, which is something I’ve been wanting for a while now but haven’t been able to find it – or I haven’t when I had the time anyway.
·         I’m actually going to be using it first with My Kevin because that book is already out but I’d love to use it to figure out ARe and Amazon. I’m worried about going into those two companies and fucking up so much that my book doesn’t come out on time.

4)      Figure out Amazon and Are – this will include the facts on ISBN numbers (and while I’m at this, I should take a moment out to fill in the form and send it off, so that Amazon won’t take any money off me when November comes around).

5)      Cover Art times two – this one’s for my blog story, I understand that it’s not perfect and could use some more work and or lengthening. But as it sits it’s good enough to get art (that I can use later one anyway f I wish) and a conversion. It’ll be free, and may only be available on my blog; we’ll see what I can work out.
·         This also my the two book to work out the program, again before I’m setting it up for myself.

6)      I’m going to finish Moonlit Wolves 7: Protecting My Werewolf because I really want this book out in September at the latest so it needs to be done now.

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