Monday, 8 September 2014


Yeah, so I’ve nothing to say, mostly because I had quite a busy weekend, as it was Father’s Day down here, and so, well, I spend time with the fathers in my life (both mine and my children’s—and yeah, I meant my partner, but that didn’t seem so fatherly)
I am 95% done with my post for November, which is really good for me, because, well, once I’m done with that then I’m done for the year. At least for the most part. I still have to write, but what a tough job that’ll be.
I had a few people read my book, and the feedback so far has been good, I believe it’s just enough to settle my stomach for the couple of months to come. However, I still have a few more to come back to me.
So the 5% of the promotions I’ve got to do with Love Without Knowing It, is just the blurb which, like I’m sure you all can understand, is horrible hard, at least it is if the story never gives you help.
So It’s becoming difficult, but something I’m going to get done by the end of the week.
I’ll also, at some time soon, I think, will be getting back my book, I’m hoping there isn’t a lot of work still so do, though I really doubt it.
When that happens I’m hoping within that week I’ll have to fixed up, a second read by someone else, and then it goes into technical (aka converting, uploading, details)
And since I’m here
I’m 18K into Moonlit Wolves 8: Protecting His Werewolf, which I’m going to work double time on once I finish my horror short, as I really want one last one out this year and this is the one up there.
If you’re not up-to-date on what’s happening with this one, I wrote a huge chuck only to realise it wasn’t were the story needed to be. But more so, the info I put into it, just didn’t work that close to everything. I changed a scene, and then when I got to the next I realised I was able to add what I originally did. All I need to do now is add another scene that will run into what I have already, as well as the starting to the fight.
You see, I really really needed the info I dumbed and for the life of me, I had no idea how I was going to get it back. Then, like all good things, it went: “oh hey, if yeah make the right choice in this first scene then you can just put all that back here, change it from night to day, front step to back veranda, and maybe, just a wee dead body on the ground at their feet and it will all work so fucking well.
Still, this one won’t go much over 25K mostly because I’m not actually writing big books in this series, and since that’s how big 5 was, I’m taking a stand and saying that’s its max end.
Horror story is a little less exciting, I’m 3.2K into this story, but I had a moment of worry and stress, which I’ve just sorted out, mostly I know one or maybe two sits and I’ll have it all finished.
The stories in my head and wanting to come out, I’m hoping, because now I’ve gotten all the other shit off my chest I’ve been procrastinating with there isn’t an excuse just a need for a type of mood I’m in.
I’ve also come to this concluding that I’m not so worried if it’s obvious, I’m just going to hope it’s obvious in the wrong fucking way, lol.
Anyway, my goal, which I really wished I didn’t do to myself but I have. I want everything done by the end of September, this also means pre-ordering up for November one, but I’m not sure if that’ll happen, mostly due to school holidays coming up, and a visit from my brother-in-law whose coming home from London.
Anyway, I prattled on longer than I wanted to today, but I’m honestly not surprised.

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