Monday 6 October 2014

This One Monday This Year

I’m sitting here wondering what I want to say, what I should say. and if I do end up saying anything would anyone want to actually hear it.

It’s a public holiday today in Australia, I think, maybe a bank one, but I couldn’t be bothered looking it up to see. It doesn’t really matter; it’s a day off, which means, that two days in a row my man is home, which isn’t a good thing.

So because it’s a day off, I’m gonna do the same thing, hence the reason I haven’t looked up the reason for the day yet, lol

I finished my first draft of Running Scared over the weekend. I have no idea if it’s any good. honestly I think I’ve fucked up bit time and that there isn’t any reason for it, so naturally I’ve sent it to a couple of betas, and as I wait I, well, wait.

The good news is that I’ve done, which means there’s a bigger chance of it coming out in the near future, it all depends on what the betas say and how much more needs written into the story to say how long that will take.

I’m actually hoping for the Oct 31st release, even though that means two releases back to back, but it’s my min point, mostly because I honestly don’t know how long it’s going to take to get everything wrapped up and we are already into the second week.

Anyway, the files in limbo so here’s a second short unedited excerpt

Key in hand I was at the staircase going up before my head gave me a moment of peace. It allowed me to open my eyes and look where I was going, rather than only being able to see the step my foot was about to step in. I was near the top by then, a youngish woman turning around the corner and started down the stair.
A shadow appeared after her, I blinked realising it wasn’t a shadow but a person, stepping after the woman. The same person who had been in my house, his clothes tattered, cover in blood, ripped in the same places. Blood covered is hands, splattered against his face.
I froze on my step as I looked at the guy, his lips lifted up on one side, a smirk that had my stomach want to crawl into my bowel for safekeeping.
I must have made a sound as the woman looked up, her eyes widened, and she wipe herself around to see what had scared me. Just before the top half of her turned, the guys smiled widened and he pushed her down the stairs. No stress, no hesitation, just a quick sharp push.
Her body tumbled down past me, her hands windmilled out smacking against my side as she went on past. I tried to grab her but I was too late. So scared that I froze up, and when I’d finally been able to move against her weigh was just too far on the downwards that I couldn’t save her.
The guy at the top of the stairs shuddered; the image flickered against the backdrop before I twisted around and watched as the girl went head over half. Her head hit the steps at what looked like a wrong angle from where I was standing.
She landed like, well, what you’d expect a person to look like when they’d fallen down the stairs there wasn’t any blood. In all honesty, I stood there waiting for her to get up. Waiting for a moment when she’s roll over, and all would be well.

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