Monday 17 November 2014

Monday, its Monday!

Welcome to another wonderful week. I’m in a pretty good mood lately, not only because it seems my writers block has ended (you know, unless saying that jinxed me up good) and I’m reading again. Which, let’s face it, are the things you want most out of life.
So, I haven’t written as much as I’d have like to, but I’ve done 2 out of the 5 things left of this year, and even thought they were the shortest of all those things, they were actually the most important. So I feel good about it all
Which brings me to what I have done, a brief mid-month update as you will
·         I wrote my prompt short, Walked Into Bad Luck, which you can find here
It’s just over 2K and about as bad a romantic date I could get out of the boys. I had thought at the time of thinking it up that I’d be able to pull it off because I didn’t know what a ‘romantic date’ was actually like, as I’ve never been on what someone would call a ‘traditional’ date. On longer thought I think what was truly hard about the story was that I only wanted it to be short and so I needed to put them into the thick of the story.
I believe now, that if I’d been writing the story from the very start, and we walked into a date night from hell, I’d be able to pull it off with spectacular effects, mostly because I’m good at putting in a dramatic scene or two into my books.
However, now I have to try and figure out how to get my boys to become a geeky accountant meeting his new client a tattooed motorcycle-riding preacher, hmm…
·         I finished my Flash Fiction Holiday Hop short, woohoo!!
I’m still not convinced this one will actually be what they’re looking for. My story seems a lot more like a chapter in a longer story than a story all on its own. It’s around 1.7K and though it has all the elements, the story is meant to (only because I went through and double checked) I don’t know if it actually works.
The thing is I LOVE this story. I’m not sure if I’ll ever actually finish it, but I’ve honestly love the plot to bits and think it would be a killer story, I’ve already added it to my WIP pile, but because I’ve done this bit I’m not sure I’ll ever really need to know anything else, which means it may never be more than it is. Which would suck.
Anyway, the plan is to have someone else read it and see what they think, as well try to think up something else, if I can, then, well, that will go in instead, if not then this is what I’m left with.
All in all, its done, and I’ve just got to clean it up.
At least until my beta reads it and then we’ll see just what’s needed and what completely sucks and seems weird as I’m clearly missing an entire book, lol
Anyway, it starts like this:
The beer he held against his thigh had long since reached room temperature, which made it undrinkable in Brent’s opinion and yet he wasn’t ready to get up. Therefore, it sat there with him, a companion he didn’t want like most of the other people petering around the room.
He didn’t like this big a crowd, hell, he’d be happy never to be in a ‘crowd’ again, but that wasn’t anything he’d be getting anytime soon. His own fault for having dreams and ambitions that went with a guitar and piano lessons.
…and, again, I love it. However, I think its a little angst, even for such a short piece.
Lastly, did you know last Friday, you know the one that happened a few days ago, well, I was on Wade Kelly’s Friend Friday, which is awesome, especially since she let me be there even though we’ve never truly met.
·         If you missed it, here’s the link
So awesome, and now I’m off to read, or write or clean the house, really, something that require the least amount of effort by me.
Have a great day everyone, for I certainly will

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