Monday 10 November 2014

Struggles with Christmas

There’s just something I can’t seem to get my head around when it comes to Christmas and snow. It’s not that I can’t pretend, it’s not that… well, snow is irritating. Like yeah, I love it when it hits, but that’s mostly because it happens for a few hours and washes away a few hours later.
The perimeter of this story… this short is something that I’m completely struggling with.
The picture rocks, it’s hot, it’s inspirational, and it makes my fingers itch to write a tale, it’s just the guidelines that seem to have me struggling (and maybe because I was horribly sick last week)
1)      A winter holiday theme
This one is a struggle, like I think I’ve said before. Mostly it’s because I’d really like to make it a Christmas story, only it’s fucking hot here at Christmas.
And like yeah I can hear the things people probably aren’t saying. At how I could just pretend, put my story somewhere else, but I like to stay true to my country, with I’m sure people can understand, as they do their own. Two it’s not Christmas when you’re not sweating.
So the thought came, have someone from overseas be here, and he’s homesick for what he believes is a real Christmas, and so the other guy, well, makes it for him.
Which being’s in this
2)      A “bad boy” character
Which thoughts that dream to shit.
I still however like the idea, and so we changed it around a bit, make it the same idea, only it’s a super surprise, which, brings up to
3)      A gift of some kind
In the meantime back at point 2, I realise that it works, I can shift it a little, and it will sit into the perimeter. So I tried to start it and realised that I didn’t know a bloody thing about what people like about a winter Christmas.
So I asked my dad, since til the age of 13 he lived in England, and his reply to me asking him was “nothing.”
This isn’t adding in the fact that I’m not sure I can even write a “bad boy” character let alone make him someone that’s not so cliché.
So all in all, I’m at that point that I don’t think I’ll be able to do anything else but write it

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