Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Welcome 2015

Hey, everyone thanks for joining me for another year. I hope you guys had safe and happy night as we our calendar’s flopped over revealing another year behind this one. Though let’s be honest New Year’s hasn’t been the same since 2000 with all that hope of the everything fucking up.
So this month is pretty simple. I decided to head into 2015 free and easy, letting things come when they do. Letting my work guide me, rather than try and force anything, as well as giving myself the month off to spend time with my kids, as it’s there summer holidays.
And low and behold my deck of cards filled up.
Just after Christmas I ended up writing my free short story My Outside My Inside, it’s a sci-fi that I plan on releasing in June to celebrate my birthday, among other things. I didn’t plan on writing it, and I really didn’t plan on doing it just after Christmas, but behold, two days 6K and I’m done.
I even have a cover art for it, which is up on my website if you wish to see it. At least, the rough draft, but it’s what the covers going to look like.
I’ve had it BETA read, and she loves it, so I’m looking forward to seeing what you all have to say. Which may be sooner then you all think, because if it starts to eat at me (the waiting) I’ll just release it early. And find something else to do for my 29th.
Anyway, short sci-fi that is about abductions.
I just need to read through the story one more time and see if anyone would be lovely enough to edit it for me, and see how all that goes.
The next thing on my free and easy list is finishing Moonlit Wolves 7: Protecting My Werewolf. It’s come back from BETA, has 17 comments and I was told what I already knew, so now I can put this bad boy to bed. Which I’m going to do, as I want it gone before my kids go back to school.
Lucky though for most of it is conclusion and that can come while I start up the mass conflict which everyone is going to hate because it’s going to just… fizzle to nothing.
Next I have a m-preg to write, which I’m excited about, and yet because of other things it’s not on the top of my head. I have a feeling that I might not really touch this until the end of the month which is when I’ll be able to give it my full attention, rather than always be called away, or going out, or just needing to be awake during the day (as I’ll most likely write this at night)
This one is what it is, and nothing really more, and I really want to get into it. Can’t wait to see how it turns out, and while I’m doing that, when I need a quick break, I’m going to start up the synopsis writing for The Hunted, a dystopian paranormal series I’m writing with NJ Nielsen. We’re at the point of just putting our plan into words, so that’ll be easy, only I do believe I’ll over think it.
And that’s it I believe for the month, oh, actually believe I have a That’s Life story I wanna write, as well as 60 flash fictions, but I’m still debating whether they will be for my birthday of for Christmas-Australia Day 2016, we’ll have to see, but I’ve nearly got 60 pictures to take the fiction from so…
Anyway, thanks for the chat, let’s see what I can actually pull off this these 4 short weeks.