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Happy Release Day for Moonlit Wolves

Like always, the date on MY calendar isn’t the same as the rest of the world. No, I’m like nearly 16hrs before or something (feel free to correct me, if I’m wrong) so here’s another look, so you don’t forget, aka, me making you wanna read it more ;)

This is a NSFW post

Final excerpt

“I don’t give a shit about anyone else,” Justin calcified, “Only you.”
Adam sighed at that, his eyes getting that look again, his lips opening slightly, and Justin was gone, completely taken over by yet another high emotion. This time, it came in hardness and nakedness, wetness. Thrusting…mmm…
Justin ground down on Adam, pushing his cock up against Adam’s, rubbing, rolling them together. Not great. They still had clothes on, but good enough for the moment and getting better and better as Justin attacked Adam’s mouth. Soon there was a hot mess full of teeth and tongue. Justin conquered the other man, washing him of anyone else but Justin because as far as Justin was concerned, Adam was his one and only. Nothing before had ever held him as closely, never had him feel this perfect, this giant, and so they didn’t deserve space in his brain—hell, they didn’t deserve that bit of history they held.
     “Oh, fuck, yeah!” Adam whispered as he arched his back and pushed himself up against Justin. Adam wanted more. He wanted to be naked and comfortable—okay, that didn’t matter—and doing a lot more than just rubbing up against themselves.
Adam had never done this before. He’d been introduced to fucking, at least the hard labour of it, through his friends and it had turned naked quickly and easily, mostly because none of them held any romantic attachment to each other. 
From there, he’d been an adult and the ones that wanted him had done him, over and over, not much clothes on foreplay among each encounter.
It was a novelty to come this far in his life and suddenly find himself in a position that should have been what he’d done first, but all he wanted was his clothes off his body and Justin going a lot further.
“Fuck,” Adam said, panting as Justin started in on his pants, getting the elastic under his balls, pushing them forward, causing a shock of pleasure to roll up his body. Thrusting up into the feelings, Justin brushed against him moments before his dick met Adam’s hot, wet, goodness lined up nicely against him before Justin started jacking them both off.
Adam moaned deeply into the action, and soon found his hips rocking up into Justin’s hand. He needed to do more. He needed more. So much fucking more, but in the position Adam found himself in, he couldn’t move Justin, not a fucking inch.
The feeling of being hopeless tilted in on him, making his head go a little wobbly. He didn’t like not being in charge. He didn’t like to be held down and made to take what was given. No, it was the other way around. He got what he wanted, and generally, that it was him in charge.
Adams torso started buckling, moving, trying to get away as Justin jacked them faster and faster, his free hand holding Adam up with the small of his back, allowing, if not encouraging Adam to move him hips.
It was as if Justin understood Adam needed to hold more power and he was giving him that by not by allowing him to be on top. That was just ridiculous with what they were doing and Adam could see that. He was protected this way. No one could see what they were doing—not really, not in a way of their dicks together, and yet, Adam could control the speed, the power in which his cock passed through those fingers.
Relaxing the top half of his body, Adam took over, his hips moving faster and faster, rolling slightly, as the pressure built back up between them
“That’s it,” Justin whispered, his mouth attacking Adam’s again, stealing his power to think.
Justin’s nails scraped into Adam’s lower back and that was it. Cum poured out of his cock, slashing between them as Justin gasped his own orgasm out along with him.
Very gently, Adam’s hips hit the ground. He was expecting to feel the grass, but instead it was cloth. Apparently, Justin had flipped his pants over his arse, which was lovely.
Panting hard above him, Justin kept himself on hands and knees as he recovered, which was amazing. In Adam’s eyes, he’d never met a man that didn’t need to collapse straight away.
A soft kiss brushed against Adam’s lips, stealing his heart.
“I love you,” Adam whispered. Wait! What! That wasn’t true, was it? Couldn’t be. He didn’t know Justin long enough, or just enough, to determine if it was or not, but he wasn’t taking the words back. Hell, they seemed to settle into him as if he meant them, like that’s exactly what he was feeling…he definitely wasn’t taking the words back.
A beat of silence came where Justin stayed so still, and Adam cursed himself.

Protecting My Werewolf
(Moonlit Wolves #7)
Word count: 30,535
Paranormal erotic romance

Justin is back for one thing, to take Jex home, but what he finds makes him realise that maybe there’s something more in life than taking orders from a man who owns his soul.

It doesn’t take a smart man to realise there’s something different about this group of men, but it’s definitely going to take strength to walk away. Can Adam show Justin his worth more than going back to his old life, even when that means stepping into a war he’d never expect, let alone knew existed?

Note: this series must be read in order.


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