Tuesday 7 April 2015

How I Came to Write MM Romance

This is a question that gets asked a lot and unlike most people, it’s taken me a long time to understand why I do. Or it seems to me that everyone knows there answer off the top of their head.

You see I never wrote fanfic, couldn’t do it, every time I tried it always turned into my own thing. (and yes I do feel EVERYONE seemed to start reading or writing MM based off FAnFic. I know it’s probably not true, but it feels like it sometimes)
I didn’t start reading mm because of said fanfic or shipping, I was blissfully unaware of this culture, well this isn’t completely true, but we can pretend, as I’ve never gotten into fanfic, reading it that is.

I started reading mm because I was set to write one and needed to know how.
Ok, I was set to write an mmf, though there was always an mm after it, the idea was to kill two birds one stone.

I’m not talking about the ins and outs of it, I knew that, I researched and this doesn’t include porn, I didn’t start watching gay porn until nearly half a year (maybe more) after I started reading mm. but I needed to know what was expected of MM, how things were laid out, what people preferred you used for what. What parts of the experience were you not meant to go over.

It’s a reason I hate when authors tell newbies not to read what they are going to write, I find this the worst advice, because most readers don’t want anything new. Yeah make the plot original make it yours, make it original, but you start putting in things people don’t want to read or see, then you’re in for a hard fall.
So you need to read it, understand what they are saying, and that’s most, ‘this is what readers want’ and after this short time in publishing, I will agree, even as they argue. Readers will rip you to shreds if it’s not what they were expecting or if you put in something they’d rather not read about
It’s fiction we can pretend shit doesn’t come out of the same place we’re fucking, fresh, for the first time, because it’s fiction and no one wants to read about a dick being covered in mud.

It’s facts. Plan and simple. I understood that. It’s why I knew I needed to start reading. needed to understand these parts of the world I was going to shift into.

And people, this was when I still thought I was writing mainstream.
I wasn’t, to many characters from the LGBT+ community in my pages. I think the biggest realisation was when I had a ménage and couldn’t see the woman being in the middle of the two men.

So I read ménage. And that turned me to MM – well, not quite but I read a 4some that had hot if kinda creepy mm sex and I wanted more, which led me to this direction and to what I read and write now, and I can’t say I’d want it any other way.

So to answer the question, there wasn’t anything but my own head and probably my up brings that got me into writing mm

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