Tuesday 21 April 2015

That Time of the Week

To start, my head was is a little too filled with Despicable Me 2, you know the scene when he goes out on a date and Lucy ends up tranked her, and she’s lying face down in her dinner and the waiter comes over to says “…ah, what’s wrong? She no like?”

Or not, yeah, I’m not on my end of the screen chuckling as I read that.

Should be happy, and I say it this way, because it’s Sunday as I write this up, and Tuesday as you read it, so I would love to be able to yell from the roof that my DRitC story is off to BETA reads, but I’m probably talking out my arse.

It will be finished before the weekend, if it isn’t already. And I’m hoping with more hope than hope itself is willing to give, that I’ve already done, and I’m not kicking back and waiting, but I spent like 5 hours on Sat and only write 1.7K so I’m not putting too much hope on myself.

Update: I finished this one Sunday night and sent it off.

You see I’m excited, nervous, and anxious and it’s affecting everything.

Why am I all these things, well I’ll tell you

1) Kids go back to school, aka this is there first day of term 2. Yay! But it’s been a long fucking 2 weeks, even if they have been quite good. You know, learning and making their own breakfast so that I don’t have to wake up until 9am every morning. But the days drag and they whinge and it’s just gotten to the end and once your there, it’s as if they have been nothing but this winy whinge beasts inside of your good little kids because they want to be at school as much as I want them there.

2) I mentioned the above right, fucking DRitC story I am getting ready for a project I’m putting together with April Kelley, as well as for a Christmas special. Both are more compiling and re-reading and fixing (edits) than anything else, which I kinda hate, lol

3) on Sunday I’m going to the Meet Max Vos, which is exciting, until I remember that I’m going to be going to the Meet Max Vos things, and my stomach all but wants to shoot itself up all over my keyboard.

Before that though I’m going to be going to Paddy Market’s with my sister to get myself some cosy boots as I need something nice to look at, while they keep my feet warm even if I have to walk through a puddle. As my son is playing soccer this year, and, well, I have to watch every game.

Then again, the whole meeting thing, which is why my sister is going with me to the market, because it’s in the middle of the city so I ain’t driving all that way, and if I go by myself I’d get lost and it’s bad enough when I do that in a car, it’d be a fucking nightmare outta one.

4) I’m waiting for My Kevin to come back from proofing. I’m not in a rush at all on this point, but I’ve been waiting, and wondering how bad I am since I sent the whole thing away. Also I just want it over with, but I know it won’t matter, because it has a publishing date which isn’t for another month.


 And then once I have DRitC finished, then their the waiting for BETA’s to come back, letting me know what they think, if it’s any good or I should just bin it. Before I head into re-reads and revisions and re-write, all the while thinking of who is going to edit it for me, as I don’t have an editor anymore.

Anyway, enough whinging for me, I’m heading back, I only have one more thing I HAVE to write this year, and I’m done, so why am I complaining.

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