Tuesday 14 July 2015

At the End of The 2 Weeks

Here I am at the end of the school holidays. I mean this literally too, as today is the first day the kids are at school. yay, term 3 is starting off.

Anyway, in the two weeks I was meant to complete 3 stories.

I finished 1.

In all honestly I did seem to come down with a massive brain fart. I forgot that unlike last school holidays this one was in the middle of winter, and so I could only really stay at the park for an hour before my fingers started turning blue. And I’m not sure about you, but I generally don’t write much an hour, maybe 1K if I’m lucky.

Second factor was that my sweet (and when I say sweet, I mean dirty and bloody and fucking sexy) ended up being bigger than I thought. the story line never changed, there was just a lot more words needed to really tell it then I thought.

So this made 6K turn into just over 10K after first draft.

I’m hoping it’s still going to be accepted into the anthology, or at least that it will be read, rather than just turned away before of the count. I’ve emailed, hopefully I’ll know soon.

Good news is that Carly Rose will edit it for me, as it’s going into a charity anthology which means I’ll actually be able to get it edited in the next month, you know if they say, “yeah, we’ll still accept that.” I’m hoping for the best.

As I see it, worse case I’ll just pay her for her time if it doesn’t get in. and if they say no, then I’ll try and write book 2 and keep it under before the end date, and just wait until I have money to edit book 1.

Though if that happens, then book 1 will turn to 2 … I’m not sure, we’ll see how it goes. In all honest they are stand alones linked by a world, not by events.

Anyway, this week, because I’m going to try and do a read through of this book, clearly, and Being That For You, which comes out in Nov and needs to go through editing as soon as the money pops up.

I might even try and start on Moonlit 8 as James is screaming at me, but even if I do, it probably will take me up to 6 months to finish. That’s how long the last one was

Anyway, I thought I might do this little endy thing so you can always see the list made for my writing for the rest of the yea

·         An Alphas World: Taking A Stand
·         An Alphas World: Deep In the Woods
·         Encounter Space: Outside Sanity
·         A Road Worth Travelling
·         Second Pack of Cameron: Wolf’s Desperate Mate
·         Second Pack of Cameron: Something In The Water
·         Don’t Judge: No Biggy, Its Just a Kiss
·         A Reason To Hate Valentine’s Day
·         The Long Way Home + prequel

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