Thursday 27 August 2015

just a few more days

Is anyone else getting excited!! Its getting closer, so close   

“Shad, you have to move away from the door if you want him to come in.” Bruce spoke with another heavy bang on a different door, the very one Ben saw as he closed it behind himself before walking off.
He didn’t think he’d ever see the door again, now he was glad he was. Happy, nervous.
Bruce had told him he’d fucked a werewolf. He’d mated with one or at least started to. Ben had laughed, that nervous laugh of his, the one he hated, but it could not be helped.
Ben would have loved to brush the whole thing aside, call their bullshit. But other than Kade, who looked as dumbfounded as him, the rest of the room held that silent, believe us’ look on their faces.
Then Max, the other massive man there, had started to lift his shirt telling Ben’s he’d show him if he wanted.
He didn’t.
Hell, he’d shifted his eyes once skin started to show which was weird, what man would not want to look. He’d just felt as if he shouldn’t, that something bad would happen if he knew what the man looked like naked. It was a feeling he’d only ever really felt when he was in a relationship, which kind of made what they were saying the truth.
Ben didn’t like it though. Shouldn’t someone ask you that sort of shit first? Shouldn’t he have at least been told, the guy he was about to fuck, turned wolfy—common courtesy or something more like fucking law—like when a dude’s got AIDS. Fuck, couldn’t he have had that shit tattooed to his fucking forehead!
Ben had boiled in his own little world as he was bundled up and taken back to the scene of the crime. His palms sweating as soon as he stepped foot in the lobby and looked towards the door that lead into the nightclub.
Memories had come back, all smooth and soft, speeding up his heart, making his hands sweat.
Ben’s feet dragged, he could not seem to turn himself away from the closed door, the room clearly not in use at this time of day.  Ben didn’t see it, he was in the past, lights flickered, music pumped, the best-looking man a table away.
He’d had the best night and he’d blown it. He’d walked away because…he wasn’t sure anymore. Couldn’t even understand it himself, especially since just the thought of seeing Shad again made him want to run away, run far, far away. Hell, he’d already be heading that way if it wasn’t for Alicia and her stupid fucking smirk that hinted badly of change and that no matter how far he ran he wasn’t getting away from this.
A whine from under the heavy door snapped at Ben’s heart. He wasn’t completely ready to accept the fact that Shad was a werewolf, even if he knew they existed. You couldn’t not know in this day and age, unless you managed to created brain bleach.
It didn’t mean the world wasn’t doing its best to forget, that was for sure.
“If you wanna see him, move!” Bruce said, already pushing the door open, slowly, his foot in the way of anyone trying to get out, of Shad trying to get out, like he was an over excited puppy.
And shit again.
A nose bumped at Bruce’s foot, growled and if he wasn’t mistaken by the fact that it moved back rather quickly, took a bite at it.
“You’re on your own,” Bruce said slapping Ben on the back, shifting him forward into the doorway.
“We’ll be waiting out here for ya,” Max said, his own hand pushed at the middle of Ben’s back.
“Yep, right here.” Kade laughed, as he stood behind the line of werewolves, male and female, all of which were watching him, waiting for a reaction, just waiting.

Ben’s Wolf Surprise
(Second Pack of Cameron)
Out on 1st of September 2015 @ extasybooks
Paranormal m-preg Romance

There’s something unsettling in having to tell a one-night stand that you’re pregnant with his child, when you yourself are a man, it gets…let’s call it complicated.

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