Wednesday 26 August 2015

Some More Fun

as we get a little closer we get a little more idea if this is something more to wet the apatite!!

The wolf cried. A howling wrenching sound that pulled at the heart of everyone who heard it. Pricked tears up into the eyes and made the strongest of men bat their lashes in order to dispel the moisture.
It was a sound that no one ever wanted to hear. It spoke of pain, heartbreak and the missing part of themselves, an important part, the one that should always be near.
It was the sound a person heard at a funeral of wolves. Where the grief would build up and the need to say good-bye chocked in the throat, made anger and sadness mix together to create a type of pain that could only be soothed with noise. Lots of noise.
The sorrow continued. A sopping drip of loneliness that circled around and around tightened up the chest and punched the stomach making it hard to breath, to think, to be anything but the misery one found themselves in.
The whimpers, however, were worse, heard only in the still of night when no other noise came near. They were the part that made Shad sadder to hear even from himself. They made him circle in on himself, made them both his and the person he missed the most, the person who should have been here with him. But no, that one person left—left him this pathetic shell of a wolf who couldn’t suck the pain up enough to pull the human half back and allow him to search.
He should have been searching, but after nine days, he’d had a moment of self-pity that allowed his wolf to escape and turn him into this ball of endless misery.
The worse part of it all was that Ben’s smell had started to fade making it impossible to move off the bed. He didn’t want to come back and find it gone. Didn’t want to miss out on a moment of the smell, because he had no hope that Ben would be back, that he’d be missing Shad as Shad was him. Had no guarantee, no understanding of anything but the fact that his mate was missing and he didn’t know where to find him.
That sucked, because he should have been able to. Shad should have smelt Ben as he stepped outside Shad’s rooms, as he walked down the hall and then out the door. Shad should have been able to track him clear across town,—across states but there had been nothing. Ben had slipped out of his rooms and vanished as if he hadn’t been there. If it weren’t for the smell of his sheets and the missing part of his soul screaming behind his ribcage he’d have thought he’d dreamed the whole night.
However, Ben had been here. They had mated in a small or large way, Shad wasn’t sure anymore, he didn’t know anything anymore. Wasn’t sure what part of the night he’d enchanted to which parts he’d just not paid attention too. He wasn’t clear on the parts Ben loved to be touched, on his sounds, his expressions. Everything inside his head could have been an illusion of what Shad wanted to believe rather than facts of the night and it was that which had him most annoyed at himself.
Worse then everything else was the throbbing pain that hit in that empty spot, as if something outside himself were in pain, was suffering in ways they shouldn’t have been. Though Shad had convinced himself the feeling was just him missing Ben. His wolf understood it as his mate needed him and the fact that he had no idea where Ben was had him wanting to rip off his own paws in frustration.

Ben’s Wolf Surprise
(Second Pack of Cameron)
Out on 1st of September 2015 @ extasybooks
Paranormal m-preg Romance

There’s something unsettling in having to tell a one-night stand that you’re pregnant with his child, when you yourself are a man, it gets…let’s call it complicated.

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