Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Australia Day

Today is Australia Day! So today we celebrate what makes our country so great. Happy Australia Day, I know what I'm celebrating, what about you?

Today also marks the release day of Outside Sanity, or at least later in the day it does. Check out this post over on BonyDee Press to get the links and such

The snippet comes from a blog thing I did over on ManLove Fantasies, the giveaway is over for my day but it’s still up and it’s going to be part of either a novel or a series I’m going to write. I’m thinking this will be book 2 or the end of the Novel.

Anyway, click here and check it out and tell me what you think? wanna read it?

Onto work.

I’ve done none.

Okay, so it’s the last week of school holidays (or two weeks whatever) and I have actually done a lot through these ones where normally I take the whole 6 weeks off. It didn’t help that I took time off before, that wouldn’t have mattered. I take ALL school hols off, because I need to be able to do stuff with my kids and not have to worry about work. It’s another reason for wanting to be a year in advance.

However, this month I have done a lot. Considering my “don’t do anything” attitude.

Due to the fact that I’ve edited 3 things and gotten the either published or as far as I can get to publishing the last (you’ll learn more at the end of the week) as I can get.

I wrote the things I was talking about above.

And I went into a full blown re-read of One Piece. Which is a manga series I love. I also loved the mass re-read. The earlier days went a little slower as it’s been a lot longer since I’d have a full read like this one, but the second half was a rush of awesomeness.

Anyway loved the series, and glad I took the time out to read them.

Next month I’m going to be switching to McGee, I plan to re-write, from scratch in a way, one of the stories I wrote before I wrote Moonlit. I love the story and think I could make it better. I also plan on plotting out 3 series. 2 from this side and 1 from the other side.

I’ll still let you know how it all goes so don’t worry.

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