Friday, 17 June 2016

Happy Birthday to Me ǀ April’s Day

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Happy Dirty Thirty

“I’m not awake yet, Paul,” Ethan mumbled into his pillow. Even as he said the words he pressed into the hand on his ass.
Paul kissed his cheek before moving onto his shoulder, and then down his arm. “Awake is more fun, baby.”
“I see you think so.” He lifted his head, watching Paul as he trailed kissed down his back. “Happy Birthday to me.”
“Exactly. Gonna prove to you that thirty is not old.”
“Who said thirty is old?”
“You did. Like twelve times this past week.”
“I like your methods of proving me wrong.”
Paul chuckled and kissed him where his hand had been.

Leave It All by April Kelley
(Saint Lakes #1)
62,170 words ǀ heat 4
Paranormal Romance

Lucas just wanted to be a normal human being, but normal is highly over-rated.

Lucas Speck had been just some guy who worked at an office supply store and house-sat for his snowbird parents. He was nobody special. Or that’s what he thought before the headaches start and weird things start to happen to him. When people start chasing him his whole life gets turned upside down.

Bennett Somerset is a dragon shifter, who likes his quiet life in his quiet town. He isn’t looking for complications. He already has a family that defines the words, weird and crazy, to perfection. Good thing they live in a small town where nothing ever happens. That is until he smells the most delicious thing in the world and realizes it’s his mate. His little witch of a mate just made things way more complicated.


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Happy Dirty Thirty©2016 by April Kelley

TAKING A STAND by Bronwyn Heeley
A Paranormal Erotic BDSM Romance, release date 21st of June 2016

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