Thursday 16 June 2016

Happy Birthday to Me ǀ Day 10

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Shut up!
Gene and Dan from The Rub of My Werewolf

“Oh god will you shut up!” Colin throw a cushion at him from the other side of the room.
“Nope. And not your normal nope, but one with a big fat ‘it’s my birthday and I can do what I want’ nope. And it’s not like this is the first time you’ve seen this movie, so what’s the problem.”
“Unlike you, I don’t actually care for your voice. Why don’t you go and irritate your mate if you aren’t interested”
“What.” Shocked, he even went with a dramatic hand on the chest and huff. “Not interested? That is—”
“Seriously Gene shut the fuck up of fuck off.” Kyle exploded and he was normally able to tone out Gene’s voice completely. Maybe he was talking more than usual but he was waiting for his mate to call him. He was waiting for them to deal with all the bullshit they needed to deal with before Gene got to take him back home to the little house of horrors Dan insisted they live in. Though unlike when they first moved in, now the place was seventy percent cleaned out. Most of the things sorted away, file and what still needed to go through was piled up in the spare room they’d first been in. Apparently getting rid of every bit of furniture had cleansed it enough for his mate. And really ‘house of horrors’ was a cute little title for the place, rather than a reality. They’d even gotten a little plark that sits in the place just above the door where the house name was meant to be. He thought. Really he didn’t give a shit, but it made Dan happy so who was he to argue.
“Gene, you ready?” Dan’s soft voice was spoke behind him as fingers trailed against his neck.
“Yes!” the guys cheered, wankers. He gave them an extra spicy finger.
“See you guys tomorrow morning,” Dan waved as Gene walked out, he’d said enough of a goodbye as any of them were going to get. Until he stepped out the screen door and called out to them while he waiting for Dan to follow him.
“Did you have a nice chat?”
Dan shrugged. “As nice as any could be I suppose, we’ve still got a lot of stuff to deal with and information to sort out. But it’s moving along.”
“You working tomorrow?”
“Yeah, well, Eamon and I want to go over one of the books we found today. It’s a little…intense.”
“Better in the light of day then night, kinda thing?”
Dan smiled, his fingers hooked up Gene’s and pulling them up to his mouth. “Yes. Like a slasher movie.”
Dan laughed. It was a nice laugh, one that made him tingle every time he managed to get the guy to produce it.
“So what do you have planned for tonight, if you’re working tomorrow?” Gene waggled his brow at his mate, hoping he wasn’t going to be brushed aside. But he didn’t think so, it felt like a night of shared body heat.
“I’m not sure, what are you thinking?” Dan turned him, hooking his arms around Gene’s neck, pulling him in closer.
Gene laughed, kissing him good and proper, rubbing against Dan, waking them both up. “Maybe a midnight picnic.”
“If you want.”
“A dip in the lake.”
“A roll around in the sheets.”
“If that’s what you want.”
Gene kissed him again. A deep humming ran though both their bodies. “All I want it you. The rest…oh, who cares, let’s go home and fuck the night away.”
Laughter again. Magic. “That sounds like the best idea you’ve ever had.”

 (Moonlit Wolves #6)
Published 15th of June 2014 by Extasy Books
14,231 words ǀ heat 5
Paranormal Erotic Romance

Finally free, can Dan make the right decision, not only to keep himself alive, but to keep the man he loves.

Running for his life, in the literal sense, Daniel never thought he’d run into his ex-lover, the one he walked away from, forever, but that’s exactly what happened, or was it more Gene running into him.
As Gene tries to catch Dan and get him to realise they are better together rather than apart, he’s got to battle a very real enemy—one that’s been chasing them from the beginning.
Maybe it’s time to end this, maybe it’s the time to show Dan what he needs to see by standing beside him and showing him he’s willing to do anything for the man he loves.
But this is only the start. Let’s just hope they’re pointing themselves in the right direction.

Note: it’s highly recommended that you read this series in order


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Shut Up! ©2016 by Bronwyn Heeley

TAKING A STAND by Bronwyn Heeley
A Paranormal Erotic BDSM Romance, release date 21st of June 2016

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  1. I really enjoye stories about shifters. Their emotions are so intense!