Sunday, 3 November 2013

The rest of the year, and the one to come

So, I felt a little worried and bogged down so I thought I would see, list form, what I must do for the last part of this year, and the beginning of the next. And because of that turned leaf shit I’ve been spewing to myself I thought I’d share it with you. Simply, it’s a list of what I’m writing this year and What I need to write & why

·         That’s Different…
o   Just two more and I’m done for the year
·         Being that for You #4
o   This one need the last chapter finished, and then I need to read through the whole story, fix it up. Maybe add a bit here and there—a birthday surprise, an anniversary from hell.
o   You, know, so there’s something new. An incentive to want to have this story in ebook format.
·         Book A
o   This one, for many reason (but because I’m 3k words to finishing it) need to be done asap.
·         Moonlit Wolves: The Rub of my Werewolf
o   This one because I want to know when I’m getting published, and I have good reasons to ask, without seeming pushy when I send this one onto them.
o   It also gives me a reason to see if they are actually getting them.
·         Something Said
o   Because it needs to be submitted by March

·         That’s Different…
o   try and get a story out a month
·         Assassins Union: Hunting A Traitor
o   Because it needs to be written, and submitted
·         Moonlit Wolves :
o   Just need to continue on with the series
·         Falling in Love with this Forever
o   It’s a long one, and something I really want to write
·         Love without Forever
o   Because I want to get this published in, or at the beginning of Nov, for Movember.
·         Also need a Christmas story

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