Tuesday, 27 January 2015

The Writing Plan, sorta

Since you all were nice enough to tell me what you would like to see me write more of this year, I thought it might be nice of me to put up my tentative list.
This is the list I write out at the beginning of each year, the books I want to write, but unlike last year this isn’t the MUST write list. Just a wish list if you will, and if I end up doing none of them then I’m okay (well as long as I put others in their place, that is, I wanna publish books this year)
·         Moonlit Wolves 7: Protecting My Werewolf – SENT
·         M-preg 1
o   paranormal, werewolves, male pregnancy
o   I have the rough (and I mean rough) outline of three books for this series
o   I’m starting book one this week
·         The Hunted 1 with NJ Neilsen
o   Dystopian, paranormal fantasy
o    The first one will be novel length
·         November 2   
o   Contemporary, health
o   This will either be testicular cancer or suicide, but I’ll be writing up a post about it in the coming months, so you’ll understand where the series is coming from and where I hope to take it
·         C’Mon and Love Me
o   Contemporary, light angst, friends to lovers
o   I wrote the end chapters of this books for a hop, I plan on writing the whole story
·         It’s Started With Rain
o   Contemporary, homeless, friends to lovers
o   This one came from a Christmas story I… well, anyway, it’s not original, but it’s buzzing for me to write it
·         No Biggy, It’s Just a Kiss
o   Contemporary NA
o   This is about perceptions we have on ourselves, it’s shot, and hoping to write it for my b’day
·         Assassin Union 1
o   Paranormal fantasy
o   This one I’ve been meaning to write for two years now – and it will have all manner of paranormal in the series, eventually – it’s also kinda dark
Hm… thought I was going to write more paranormal this year then what I have written down.
Anyway, that’s the list that started out my year with, but like I’ve said, I’m happy to can them all (except m-preg, if I do that Tracy will yell) but I’m hoping it has something that you might find interesting.
And because of one comment I may be throwing in a few short freebies about gargoyle’s and a dragon – you’ve got my mind buzzing ShirleyAnn
Also have been thinking about vampires a lot lately, thanks mostly to Tracy, but I think I’ll keep that under wraps until I have a solid plan and that it pan’s out into writing. Though I do have vampires in Assassin Union… so maybe I should just write that one.
Though I’ve been told that I should write a few more sci-fi/futuristic things, which I might do to, as I enjoyed the small slice of what I wrote in My Outside My Inside, even if I hesitate to call that sci-fi (tho technically it is)
I also wouldn’t mind writing a fairy tale/movie-esk book, I even have the movie and the plot that will make it mine, though follows the same pattern, but I’m not sure if it’s really a road I want to travel yet.

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