Thursday 7 April 2016

Finish High

If you only follow me here, you wouldn’t have heard that I finished my novel on Tuesday. It was a little over 2 months’ worth of writing (and dealing with RL delays) but I have finally finished.

One of the big problems with finishing, for me, if that I can’t move on to the next thing without a break, and I mean I’ve got nothing. Nothing at all. It means I have no real production. Well I can and can’t, it’s a complicated time. Like I made a sex of pre-art and yet and I wanted to make another, went and bought guys to go with the background. But then I spend 2 hours organising and sorting out everything.

On one hand it also needed to be done. Such boring busy work, and I did find these awesome images I want to use. however on the other hand I had other things I needed to do. or wanted to do today. Aka read, beta read. Make cover art…

But nothing. I’m bored but can’t do anything.

It’s what the book high is. that relief that makes me want to live in it while Im also excited and happy and want to be creative and yet can’t. 

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