Saturday, 5 November 2016

Back Again, Sorta, Not Really

I wanted to write, to open the blog back up, maybe, hopefully.
If I’m totally honest with myself, I have no idea what I want, what’s happening and when things will actually get back to normal, especially on the blog. Mostly because it’s harder than you’d think to write a blog on my shitty little laptop and other than that I’m having major technology problems. I’m hoping it’ll clear itself up next year, but I will say that it def won’t be until mid-year, If I’m lucky.
Anyway, for everyone who doesn’t know 2017 will be the last year of Bronwyn Heeley the romance writer. And 2018 will begin Bronwyn Heeley they fiction author.
Side note, it’s not actually going to be changing anything, other than the fact that I’m going to be writing novels not short stories, so less books by me a year tho probably more word count.
I will also be debuting as McGee a YA fiction author. Both of them LGBT+ tho unlike Heeley, McGee won’t have anything, or very little romance (I’m not actually good at the whole write what’s popular thing)
I’m looking forward to my new direction in writing, I am feeling freer and with hope that I haven’t felt since I tried to put myself into the bubble of romance writer. I sadly enough am not one, I write genre fiction and that’s what I’m going to start to be.
To come in 2017, in case I don’t get back here for a while is quite simple and already planned out, other than the books being released I will start writing my novels for the following year
So Flipped 2-4 will be released, on the 1st of Feb, sometime in June and on in August. I also plan on releasing a 6 short story set of Matching Mates, these are quick paranormal romances.
I will try my best to become active on my blog again, but in the meantime please feel free to sign up to my newsletter, I’ll be putting on out one a month. You can find it in the side panel.
I will end with one promise, tho. I will try my utmost best to get a rhythm on my blog again.

Monday, 26 September 2016

Temporarily Closed

Due to real life stresses, no internet and just flat out exhaustion I am sorry to say that my blog will be closed until further notices. I'm hopeful we will be up and running again before Christmas but I'm not truely sure. It'll all depend on what happens over the next month or two.

Thank you all for sticking with me and I hope to have exciting news when I get back on here. If you want to find me elsewhere, I'm still as active as I can be at present in Facebook. Just look up my name and when you hit the rainbow butterfly friend me :)

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Big News that Changes Nothing

So like the title of this post says nothing I’m about to say is new, or kinda is. None of it is anything I haven’t said before, and more so could change before I get to it, though I doubt it. I think this is where I need to go, where my writing is taking me. And I also need to find a job, which means I need to get a degree of some sort as I’ve not worked in 10 years, actually think it’s been longer then that since my son is 10 turning 11 early next year and I wasn’t working a few months before being pregnant. So, shit, nearly 12 years. That’s a long time for not working, especially when you want something specific rather than whatever you can get mean I have to go back to school.

To do that I need money, which means sitting on plans until I have it. So the next two to three years I’m saving and hopefully studying.

Anyway, what’s the nothing changed, but changing. In 2019 I will be changing from writing short stories. I am not a romance writer and I think I need to actually stop. Or at least see if I can do Heeley in a different way… well really I’m just going to stop writing short stories, and that’s not really true either as I will be it won’t be the same. I’m going to become a novel writer. I think that’s what my style of writing needs, plus I can write romance I’m just not a romance writer and I know that seems contradictory but it’s true.

I’m going to write 2 novels a year 1 McGee book and 1 Heeley book, and if I write more that’s cool, if I through in a few short stories here and there, then that’s what I do, but 100K a year is about as max as I’m going to go. Because I can’t make it as an author, not where I am. Not what I’m doing and so I need to stop kidding myself and look to the future.

So in 2019 my 2nd YA novel from McGee will most likely be McAllister: Chasing Shadows, or whatever title I put on that cover. It’s actually a shorter novel as I’m looking at around 40K

My First Heeley novel will be from An Alphas World. My second will be a cowboy vampire story. Both will feature a romance but it’ll be different, more my style and longer.

Fingers crossed I can pull a novel off, because I truly believe it’s the only way I’ll be notices because I’m not a romance writer, my style is to different and in novel form that won’t be as farfetched.

So in the two years to come I’ll be finishing off series I need to finish in order to pull this off. Which means you will get

An Alphas world 2 and 3
Encounter Space 3 – 4
And something else that isn’t ready to be spoken about.

I’m also most likely going to be shutting down my blog, in a way, and reopening it to be something different, something I’d prefer it to be. Something more personal. I’ll give links for people to find other options elsewhere, but being as I have a newsletter now, and that I’m just struggling with computer issues and most likely will be for the next 6 months at a min. that it’s safe to say this could be one of my last post.

I’m hopeful that this isn’t true, but I honestly need to get a lot of thing off my plate, I need to finish things up and get ready for October next year and I’m getting distracted by life and that’s not helping anyone.

I will make it more official, depending on what I feel, I think for me right now jumping into anything quickly is a bad idea, so I’ll take the 1.5 weeks for me moving house and then the 2 weeks of my children being on school holidays to rethink my priorities and what I want and need to do. Schedule and make lists and I’ll be getting back to you with what I decide. Which sucks because I was just getting the hang of this whole people caring but it’s stress I don’t need and I also need to think of the future but along with that need to tie up some lose ends on my past and to take the time to create me as something that I can deal with whole working, and living and at the moment writing is just another stress and that doesn’t make me productive in any way.

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Being Sick Sucks

I’m not joking, I thought what my daughter had been going through was just hay fever because no one else in the family had gotten the sickness, and it has been probably over 3 weeks but I was mistaken. Mistaken in the way of a flu and all the other wonderful crap she went through.

This meant the end of last week and over my weekend has been a wash as well as probably the next couple of days, because despite everything I’ve got to take cold and flu tablets and they stuff with my head. But not taking it means I end up with vertigo, which don’t want either. I’m hoping only one more day and I’ll be okay enough to not need them anymore.

On then though means I have no creativity, not really, even when all I want to go it write. Which is kinda how things normally go. Want to write when I can’t, don’t want to write when I need to.

Anyway, this week I’m beta reading a Christmas story, looking forward to it, but hating myself because of the sickness that’s not making me able to concentrate enough to beta it

I also want to re-read Encounter Space series and then write out or figure out enough of a plot for them, so it’s just about writing 2K a night as I’m hoping to be able to move house in the upcoming weeks and therefore can’t be creative in those times either.

Now, you may ask why I need to outline when I’m normally a panster? And I am but these next two book have to lead us somewhere, it’s not very far but in order for our dear John to get himself a HEA two books need to get him to the place where he can come to the conclusion of what he is. Though on one hand this series isn’t really about the plot and yet the plot will be there. Both these next two stories will have the means to get John where he needs to be but in all honestly you shouldn’t need to read either to get him there. He’ll be standing  on the burnt remains of the person who he blames the most but who will also be the key of pulling him back together of making him let it all go.

Now these two books were always going to be written, like with an An Alphas World, as readers demand (I excaudate, they just wish) they don’t get pushed in front of what’s already there, that’s not how I am. Hell, if I didn’t see the reasoning I wouldn’t write the second book at all, but 2 of my stories need an ending and I’ll get there but first…always a but first…. *evil smile*

I also have a feeling that in the upcoming years I’ll be doing my best to finish out the main parts of the series, or maybe just these two books as I have at least 3 novels I wish to write and I’m feeling that they are going to be coming sooner rather than later. But this might be more towards what I plan on doing outside of that. Like when I study. When I start to find a job that isn’t writing. Those things that will need to come first and therefore will free me up to write something that will take time. I have 3 novels. That need to be written. And I’m planning on getting to them in the next 5 years.

So cleaning and writing this week. That’s the plan anyway. What are you up to??

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Blinking Away the Darkness

A week or so ago, I can’t remember, but I wrote a post – this one – about how I realised I was depressed? It was a dark one, something a bit different then what I normally see these days and very much about the amount of stress in my life.

It’s been two weeks and I’m more or less back to my bubbly self. I laugh, as I finished writing that, but really I can actually be bubbly is I wish to be. Just because it’s mostly an act doesn’t mean I can’t do it. That it isn’t authentically me. Just a more then what I really feel.

I’m one of the lucky ones, I feel it’s because my mind is actually very strong, despite the fact that I have depression. So coming to the realisation that I was depressed was more or less what I needed in order to snap me out of it.
Okay, there was more. Taking Iron was a start, 3 weeks before my body started showing me it wasn’t needed anymore, and that’s a horrible thought, normally it’s only a week.

Now that I’m out of it, I have these moments of trying to remember what I was like back then, back in those days, what did I do? How did I act? Clearly it couldn’t have been that different or my loved ones, my sister the most, would have noticed. Why her? Because I see her weekly, my family, the ones I live with see me too much. As for me, my depression is slow riding, it would have taken me a week or so to get that bad, and I was trying to fool myself so of course I was able to fool those who saw me every day. My mother and father I don’t see as much, not nearly enough to see a different, or to see it as something that wasn’t just a mood I was in at that time. I also believe I had a cold or something in that time too, or I thought it was that. Maybe. Hell I can’t remember, and that’s the point.

I can’t remember.

I can’t remember what I thought, what I did. I know most of it was sleeping and doing what I HAD to in order to live, in order to let my kids have the best of their childhood without me pulling them down. It’s something I try really hard to always do best by them, like every parent out there does.

I can’t remember anything. There was nothing important in life through those weeks, or because my head was so messed up it’s disregarded everything that happened. Everything that went on as non-important.

Now, this is clearly what has happened every time I’ve gotten depressed, but normally it’s a different kind, a sharper kind that belittles me, shows itself as something. Where this one didn’t. I didn’t even wake up as I noticed I was drooling at the wall all day. No it was work that clued me on, even though hundreds of other things should have.

Anyway, my point, though I’m not sure I actually have one, is that I’m back. I’m not perfect, never would be, but more so I have to be very careful with everything I do and what’s going on around me. I have to double check things, check my own thoughts as I’m not sure if it’s because I’m stressing or because my head wants to pull me back down.

I am still stressed, that’s definitely won’t lighten up we move house, it’s a hope this will happen before October, but until we get our kick out letter I’m trying not to stress too much about it. Trying to not let it get to me. I’m trying not to let anything get to me. It’s hard though, my head is trying to make things bigger then what they need to be, but the illness in my head is…anyway just repeating myself, but here’s the update.

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Cover Reveal: Lane Hayes with A Kind of Honesty

A Kind of Honesty Reveal Banner 

Title: A Kind of Honesty
Series: A Kind of Story, #3
Author: Lane Hayes
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Release Date: October 7, 2016
Heat Level: 4 - Lots of Sex
Pairing: Male/Male
Length: 85K
Genre: Romance, Bisexual, Rock star, NYC, humor


Tuesday, 6 September 2016


This week is all about busy work.

First up I am doing rewrites and beta edits on Flipped 1. It’s sitting at 16K and I need to get it to at least 18K if not 20K, tho I doubt that will happen.

I’ve had good words for the story, it’s lighter then I normally write, or maybe not but they’re harder for me to write. Or is that just what we all go through when we get to a certain point in a story.

I have a hope that I’ll either write another Matching Mates book, I have wanted to write this one since I finished the first. It’s a little different then how I’m hoping the rest of the series goes as it’s a little bit heavier but it’s still what the series is meant to be, and that’s sex. And 6K of sex doesn’t take me all that time to write. A weekend *smiles*

If I can’t, and I’m not going to push it, because next week I have to get back into Encounter Space, 20k to write this month (*hush tones* that’s two stories, people, please don’t get your hopes up, I won’t be writing novels in MM until probably 2019)

So I’m not going to push myself, there’s no point, I tend to need time off after writing a story and I don’t really have that time for that. Encounter Space MUST be written, at least 1, because it needs edited before January, and I want it into it sooner rather than later.

What I’ll be doing instead, because for lots of reason I can’t seem to tell myself I’ll be writing this week, I’ll be getting back into Different beta edits, because that needs to be done too, that needs to be read through and to be back out of my hands again, edited. I know its not going to be finished by Christmas like I hopes, but it’s not important, I can wait. It’s a debut novel for McGee so it’s going to be perfect before I get that first copy printed.

Still it also needs doing. And it’ll give me something to do, to keep me busy.

I’m also hoping to create a something inside me again, I want to read, I’ve been missing it, but still can’t seem to get myself to actually read something new, so it’s also what I’d like to start this week, what I’d like to get myself into a habit of. The depression broke a lot of them for me and I’m over it, I want things back.

So if all I end up doing is edits on Flipped and then read for the week I wouldn’t be that hard off. I wouldn’t care that much. Though Flipped has to be done, its coming out in less than 2 months.

So that’s a plan for me. What are you guys up to?

Saturday, 3 September 2016

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Moonlit Wolves are in a Bundle

so apparently Extasybooks put 5 of my Moonlit Wolves books into a bundle. pretty cool, but what's better it's on sale right now for half price, which is a shitload better then buying them as singles. or even the bundle when it's full price.
anyway, if you haven't read any of the books, this might be the time to try them out. they are simple, fast and a little dark tales of werewolves and there mates.

Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Being That For You, OUT NOW

 I honestly could believe it, not only is it LIVE, actually out there in the world, but it happened within 4hrs. I really like this story, have since I wrote it as a blog story back when I first started writing. And now it’s in your hands, improved, of course, along with some added material. hope you guys enjoy.

We all know what happens, boy meets boy. Boy realises he’s not as heterosexual as he believed he’s whole life. Boys kisses boy. Boys fall in love. And walla happily ever after

The thing is ever after is actually a long time and what happens in between can make or break even the strongest of starts


**If you wish to read this book, for review purposes, please email me at beeheeley(@)gmail(.)com

Guest: Sarah Marsh with Dark Redemption



by Sarah Marsh

Broken Souls Series, #1 Release Date: August 30, 2016 Publisher: Limitless Publishing Cover Designer: Redbird Designs

Friday, 26 August 2016

Randomness Friday

April Kelley and I are starting something different, instead of blog swapping we will be answering questions along with sharing bits of our research into 2nd BonyDee Press challenge; click name for rules

Please, after reading below, go and check out April’s Post

April’s on Holidays, for the week, so let’s have some fun, and by fun I mean an excerpt of my upcoming release Being That for You.
(please excuse mistakes, it’s still in edits)

Christmas in July

“Do you think I’d ever lie to you?” Jake asked.
“We lie the most to the ones we love.”
“Maybe, but it’s those we love who see right through us. I know you see through me. I guess, more than anything, it’s about trust. Do you trust me, baby?”
Mike sighed, sinking into his chair. “That’s just it. I’m not sure if you deserve it anymore.”
“What! Why?”
Mike waved his hand, brushing the air. “It’s… little things. I think… shit.”
“What things? Tell me. What have I done?”
Mike sighed again. “I don’t know how to say it without sounding like I’m bitching. It’s nothing big. I’m just… I guess I’m… it’s just that—fuck it! It’s nothing. There’s nothing. I trust you, I have since I started falling for you, and unless I walk in on you fucking him I’ll keep trusting you.” With that he got up and walked out the door.
“What the fuck was that all about?” Jake muttered to himself. “And who’s he?” he yelled after his lover, but it was too late, Mike was gone. Even if he had heard, he wouldn’t have answered.
Fuck. Jake didn’t know what the hell was going on with his man. Things between them hadn’t been at their bubbly best lately. Hell, wasn’t until recently, when he’d realised their anniversary was coming up, that he’d finally admitted to himself things weren’t going so great. But they weren’t terribly bad, which almost made it worse.
Jake stood with a sigh and started getting ready for work. It hadn’t been easy at the centre either. A new shipment of boys had arrived after Detective Martins busted a massage parlour for using minors to give happy endings. Since they’d started providing rehab his job was ten times harder. Which was the reason he was heading in to work again tonight. He had to go talk one of the younger boys into calming down.
Jake gathered his courage, which he trembled on the edge of losing, and thought back to his conversation with Mike. They’d been cuddling on the lounge, like they did almost every night, when Jake realised they were stuck, that it has been a long time since Mike started anything between them. He just rested in Jake’s arms, making small talk and yelling at the TV screen. He always used to initiate things, and the lack of interest was a huge indication something was wrong.
He missed his Mike, missed the man whose idea of relaxing involved water fights in the kitchen or couch wrestling matches that ended with them naked and sweaty. He wondered where that man had gone, why Mike had changed into a subdued version of himself. Then his phone had started to ring and Mike heaved a sigh so loud Jake heard every word Mike wasn’t saying.
The call represented his work, his dream, his life— but it was turning Mike into someone who didn’t want to start anything, ‘cause Jake had gotten called away and left him hanging too many times. Jake knew that, they’d even had a few small blow-ups over him leaving, he just hadn’t really been listening. Mike hid his hurt in self-mocking quips, said with a smile and an edge of laughter. It was a tone Mike had perfected long before Jake had met him because, even though Mike was a large man, he didn’t particularly like confrontation. Yeah, he got in your face if you pissed him off, even yelled back if he thought he needed to, and was quick to defend people he loved, but when it came to standing up to Jake he was oddly shy. Almost like Mike though he might walk out on him if he got to angry, and Jake didn’t want that. At least, Jake hoped that was the case, and Mike wasn’t just waiting ‘til he’d saved up enough money to leave. Jake wasn’t sure what he’d do if Mike ever left him.
“You okay?” Mike’s voice broke through the heartache the thoughts bouncing around Jake’s head caused, and he smiled sadly. Mike still sounded pissed. It wasn’t a tone he used all that much, and if it’d been anyone else Jake knew there would’ve been pillows waiting for him on the lounge when he got home ‘cause he wasn’t welcome in bed. But that wouldn’t happen with Mike. No matter how upset he was, no matter how much they yelled at each other, they always ended the day in the same bed and woke up in a tangle of limbs. It was how he knew they were perfect for each other, that this was the real deal.
“Jake?” Mike reminded him.
“Yep.” He leaned over the back of the lounge and kissed Mike softly on the lips. “I’ll try not to be too late—”
“But you probably will be,” Mike finished with a resigned half-smile Jake realised he’d been seeing more often than his usual smile.
“You know I love you, right?” Jake asked, hovering above his lover’s face, his low back aching slightly from the angle.
Mike’s smile turned sweet. “’Course. Love you, too.”
They kissed softly, a slight dampening of lips, before Jake pulled away and Mike turned his attention back to the telly. The instant flicking of channels made Jake’s chest tighten around his heart. “You better go before the place burns down,” Mike laughed that laugh. He  hated that fucking laugh.
“Yep. See you when I get home,” Jake half-questioned, swallowing down the pressure pushing at the back of his eyes.
“I’ll see you in the morning,” Mike countered, smiling at Jake over his shoulder, his eyes sad. “Hope everything goes well, babe. Call if you need help.”
“Will do,” Jake said as he walked out the door, absently rubbing at the ache in his chest as he got closer to his car.


Thursday, 25 August 2016

Wishy Washy

“How are you today?” you ask
“Not the best. You?” I reply

This is me, how I’ve been feeling. However it wasn’t until one of my mates was talking to me about someone else that I realised that’s exactly how the last 4 months have been like for me, maybe the whole year.

Wishy washy.

I have excuses. Excuses I’ve been telling others, but more so excuses I’ve been telling myself. Money has been the main problem, it’s spun me in a hard loop, and most probably what I’ve been dealing with is a heavy dose of depression, one I’ve managed to have for so long I’ve worked myself into a state that I’m able to live a semi-normal life, though I’m feeling very little. I’m doing very little. I want to do less.

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Details: Being That For You

I’m saddened to tell you all that I have made a massive and hard decision to think of money when it comes to this release. Which means that Being That for You will end up in Amazon KU for the first 3 months of its published life. I’m sorry, honestly I know. I understand. I hate it when this happened, but I need money. I need a new computer, and then to pay off my car, and to move and there is also holidays and…and…money. I have to be all adulty and think of a way to make some, so here’s the plan. Hope I don’t upset to many people with this decision

So this means it, as long as everything goes to plan, will be released into amazon, and onto KU on the 25th of August 2016 and won’t become available for the general public, or outsiders, I’m sure amazon would call us, until the 25th of November. 

So general information is:

It sits just under 20K which means I’m also going to be publishing it at $2.99. if you are not an amazon buyer, use paypal, and wish the book in your hands when it comes out I will gladly allow you to buy it from me at a lower price of $1.99 (which will give you all 3 etypes, epub, mobi & PDF, to your email) – email me at beeheeley[at]gmail[dot]com

The story is about life after the main story, that one where he’s straight but becomes gay for just the right person. You know that one *waggles brows* there real good, so if you’ve not read anything like that you should go looking. Anyway, it started as a blog story that got expanded by a few scenes and it’s a wonderfully beautiful story, if I do say so myself.

Ah… and so that’s all I’m willing to share, unless it is actually coming out on the 25th and then I’ll have added more as I’d have had the book and gotten it ready for release, if not, and this is what you are reading then it’s not coming out for a few more day/week.

Update: Due to RL issues this book will be released on, or closer to, the 30th of August, maybe earlier because of the info above I’ll probably just release it 3 days after I submit it to Amazon. Then I’m promo

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

My Week

Pretty simple, here’s it is:

·         Beta read for Jo Tannah
·         First Flipped 1: This Life and Beyond – am actually going to first writing it/last read as then it’s just a quick trip into beta reads, quick fix and into edits. That too and the main part of the story is done, just the romance, aka sex, left
·         Final read of Being that For You – learn more about this tomorrow
·         Matching Mates 2 – if I’ve time

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Read Last Week

The only thing I’ve Read this week is Swaying the Marine’s Loyalty (Wolves of Stone Ridge) by Charlie Richards, it was…well I’m still not sure yet, like I enjoyed it while reading (tho had a little trouble at the start), it held another part of the war, another step, but was it important enough that you needed to read it? I’m not sure, and I think that’s what I’m struggling with. That and why weren’t the wolves more involved, especially Jerrod, did he suddenly not give a shit even though he was the one that sent them? I’m hoping some of the question will be answered in the next Wolves one, and I know I will. The romance part was pretty simple and easy and maybe that’s something I wasn’t expecting that’s why I’m focused a little more on the series plot. 

  Re-Read I’m getting back into Carol Lynne’s Cattle Valley series, I started with Bad Boy Cowboy and am up to Fire House Heat – wait no I’m in the middle of Neil’s Guardian

I was meant to beta read a book for Jo Tannah, which I haven’t yet. If you are reading this Jo, sorry, being lazy/ultra-busy, I’ll be doing it first thing tomorrow