Tuesday, 31 May 2016


I thoughts I'd take a second out to tell you why I've not being doing well with me blog these few weeks. I'm stressed mostly about my computer not working, making it harder to do anything. sometimes I get 1hr others I get about 20 mins and I can't figure out how I get either. 

While I've been away I've read books, I'm 3 up on my novel readings, which means I've got 3 to record (I'm also not calling them reviews anymore) but when that's going to happen I'm not sure - remember the computer troubles, they really area a pain, as I can use others but for blogging and other major dealings I need my main computer and it's not working *sobs* 

saying this I'm hopeful I will be able to be semi regular, I just wanted to let you know why I'm not my normal fully prepared self, if you happened to wonder at all. 


Due to computers and stresses and sickness I've managed to forget time and time again that I need to actually post winners for the Hop I was apart of. it was on my facebook but I never got around to putting it up here. 

so the winners are: 

  1. BonyDee Press Anthology goes to ShirleyAnn
  2. 2 eBooks from my backlist (this does not include Taking A Stand) goes to Suzi Wester
  3. 2 eBooks from my backlist (this does not include Taking A Stand) goes to Trip
all winners please email me at beeheeley(@)gmail(.)com with you information. for the ebooks, a format and title would be nice and for the paperback winner you need to be willing to give me an address and if you would like it signed please add that in your reply. 

thanks you all for participating, hope you'll be around for next years. 

Saturday, 28 May 2016

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Randomness Friday

April Kelley and I are starting something different, instead of blog swapping we will be answering questions along with sharing bits of our research into 2nd BonyDee Press challenge; click name for rules

Please, after reading below, go and check out April’s Post

WIP, the Ups and the Downs

I’m going to choice Different for this question, mostly because the only other thing I have written this year is a short start to a book coming out in November, and I can’t very well say, “the downside is that my birthdays coming up and I’m excited” so I’m going a little older. Plus I’m meant to be editing the book so going back into it isn’t a bad thing.

Different a book written by my alter ego McGee, it’s a YA adventure, I think we can call it, and I first write it back in 2011 and then re-wrote it between Feb – Mar 2016.

Cons: hm, mostly with this book has been the self-doubt. I’m not just talking about this re-write…actually I think this re-write was were the doubt came in. was the story good enough? Was there a reason? Did the reason I wanted the story to hold come through? Did I take too much out? Did I put in the right things?

The first time I write this book in 3 months. Which back in 2011 was a pretty good stretch for me. The re-write was about a month of solid writing, but I had a block of time where I couldn’t write and that pulled it out.

The thing is the idea came easily. It’s not original, not really, it’s a lot of things all sawed together and that’s fine. You know how hard it is to come up with something completely original?

The secondary plot reason for it to be there fit well, it was more pushed in the first telling then the second. So that was something that made things harder. The second was the romance, as in the first was littered in it in a way I never wanted the book to be. Therefore taking that out made me wonder if there was a story there after it. If it was interesting enough. If I could pull off that word count.

Lastly I had a problem, the one that made me stop, when I was nearly crippled with the doubt that the book didn’t even make sense. That it wasn’t worth reading.

Pros: I love this book, I loved it when I first wrote it, and I love it now that it’s done. It’s one of those stories I think holds a lot of nostalgic for me, but I think I’m able to pull it off

The points that are above are the ones I mentioned above because being able to figure then out was one of the happier moments of the whole re-write. I’m still not 100% sure if its worth reading or it its truly good but the fact that I finally finished one of my favourite books is more than I could have hoped and has given me the best boost in…whatever you’d call it.

It may not be the best things I’ve written but it’s finished and to me that’s more than enough.


Tuesday, 24 May 2016

I Did Nothing

I did nothing. Nothing at all. Honestly have no excuse except to say that it’s my birthday in a couple of weeks and my family have this amazing present they are giving me and have been teasing me with for the past 6 months and apparently this is my breaking point. I can’t concentrate on anything but wondering what I’m getting.

So what is in store for this week? Well first I have to delete my iBooks app on my iPad and upload it again which is one of the hardest things I’ve had to do in a long time. I know I’m going to be losing books. Book I won’t be able to get back. Some are on the never list, others I will have to buy them again.

The thing is my iPad is old and it’s had enough and as it is now I can’t open the app. Well it’ll open and then get out of it asap, but it’s not all backed up and so…painful. But it has to be done. Really. I’d rather lose books then no be able to read any. Still it’s sad and hard. And means I’ll probably want to deal with the busy work of reuploading all my books, or more so get them back up into my hard drive and only download the ones I want to read again. But that also sucks, because I have books that just come to mind and I don’t want to deal with all that bullshit when I just want a little taste … oh well, there’s no help in it.

I will also spend a few days uploading my birthday bash things. I’m doing it through my blog this year. The FB page was good, but being that I had to go in every day and deal with it isn’t something I’m able to do this year. My computer just won’t allow for that. So blog it is.

It will be starting on the 7th of June and running until the 21st of June.

I also want to get the editing down for Different. It needs to be done and yet I’m not in a rush so I can go chapter by chapter and see how things work. But it’s something that I don’t have to be to creative over and it really needs doing and once it’s done and I’m back to normal again I should be able to push out the books I need to write – which is 8 books in 6 months…yeah I don’t see it happening. But I’ll give it my best shot.

And that’s it for me, how your week looking?

Monday, 23 May 2016

Exciting Excited

So last week I read nothing. Literally, I have nothing new to read, I didn’t even re-read anything. I had other passions that I went into and it took up my whole week. I also seem to be all bundled up in excitement for my birthday present. So this weeks and probably the one after will show the signs of that.

Anyway, I thought since I’ve nothing else to say here, I’d show off a pretty I got a couple of days ago. It’s pretty and exciting and the first one I’ve gotten …

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Guest Jo Tannah with Hidden: Evils

Hidden: Evils by Jo Tannah
Published 19th of May 2016 from Wayward Ink Publishing
Urban Fantasy Erotica

Sebastian Torres is a healer and midwife both by trade and by calling. He’s spent the past three years as the only male midwife in a local hospital.
Anthony Craig is intrigued by Sebastian, finding him professional and attractive; although, he can’t help wondering why Sebastian never dates the same man twice.
When several pregnant women die in maternity wards a few states away, their fetuses missing, the police are baffled at the strange circumstances surrounding their deaths.
Could there be a serial killer on the loose?
As the number of deaths escalates, Sebastian suspects a monster of legend, rather than one of the human variety, is responsible.
Sebastian knows he is the only thing standing in the monster’s way, but in order to save innocent lives he must reveal his secret to Anthony.
Will Sebastian’s revelation prove too much and drive Anthony away?

Amazon ǀ ARe ǀ Smashwords ǀ Barnes&Noble


Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Hop for Visibility Awareness and Equality

Hi! Welcome to the Hop for Visibility Awareness and Equality. You might know them as the Hop Against Homophobia, Bi and Transphobia.

Their mission statements (find here): “The mission of Hope for Visibility, Awareness, and Equality is to foster an environment of inclusion and positivity within the LGBTQI+ community. We hope to bring awareness to discrimination and celebrate our diversity not only within the community at large but within our own genres and books. We also hope to engage authors, readers, bloggers, and artist to get involved in ending discrimination while promoting visibility, awareness and equality for all sexual orientations and gender identifications.”

It’s International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia

It always fascinates me that we call hatred a phobia. I’m not sure when it happened or why. But I’d guess it came around the time when saying you feared it meant you had an excuse to kill it.

I’m going to go off course a little, but I fear spiders. It’s irrational, they’ve never done anything to me, and yet I squeal and make a huge fuss whenever one is near me. The bigger the more I fear it. And for a long time, hell, until recently I said I hated them. I hated spiders. It wasn’t until the last time we had a spider in our house and the first thing my children did was tell me to kill it. Just like that, as if it wasn’t anything in it. As if it’s life didn’t deserve to be lived because I was scared. The same thing happened on facebook. I put a picture up of the nasty looking beast and suddenly my comments were filled with death. Everyone screaming (in a sense) for it to be dead. To be cast from the world because we have a fear.  

The thing is I do honestly fear spiders. I don’t know why. There’s no reason behind it. They scare the shit out of me to a point where I sweat. I shake and I break down completely just from seeing one. Just from knowing it’s around. To be honest, because it was in my bathroom, the room where my toilet was, I stop going until I was about to burst and even then I had real thoughts of just wetting myself, or going outside and peeing, because I couldn’t handle being in the same room as this spider.

That’s what fear is. That’s what we are saying these people are. That we are to a point of breaking down in fear at the idea of someone having a different sexuality to ourselves, a different idea of what we want them to be. Of what we assume they should be, because we’ve been told countless times that there is only one way of seeing things, one way of living. And yet if you were a straight white couple then you’re allowed to break the mould a little by wearing all black or dying your hair, of having children young of not having them at all. You’re allowed to break that mould because deep down you’re still in it. You’re still what other people want you to be.

The thing is, no one is that anymore—hell, no one has been that since the 70’s and yet we are still so clueless as to anything outside ourselves while we judge everyone who isn’t exactly the same as what we are. And that’s not fear, that’s saying you’re allowed to call it fear which makes it irrational which then allows you to never actually look outside yourself and learn something new. Something that you should already know, which is that it’s none of your business, nothing outside yourself is your business.

It’s hatred. It’s hatred labelled as fear because they want the world to stay blind and to create war and hunger and class. That’s what it is, calling it fear is allowing the world to strip us of our rights as equals and allows us to class someone as lesser then they are, and if you’re lesser that means you don’t actually deserve the common decency all human beings should get.

And apparently this is a strong point for me, but you know what I’m not sorry and I’m sick of the fact that we call something a phobia when it’s purely hate. Hate designed to make those less educated follow the rolls of people who should know better and should teach them better.


First Prize: 1 random winner will get paperback of BonyDee Press Anthology (if wish for it signed, you will have to allow for extra time in delivery)

Second Prize: 2 random winners will get 2 e-books from my backlist 

comment on this post, it can be anything, and I will pull the winners at the end of the hop (please note you must come back to the blog in order to see if you've won, I will post links in my social media places) 

Other Participants

Friday, 13 May 2016

Randomness Friday

April Kelley and I are starting something different, instead of blog swapping we will be answering questions along with sharing bits of our research into 2nd BonyDee Press challenge; click name for rules

Please, after reading below, go and check out April’s Post

What’s your fav book April Wrote?

Until recently it was A Tarnished Strength it was one of the best books I’d read in a long time, everything about it was wonderful and I have judged every book she’s written with that one (honestly, ask her).

But now… now she has this new book out and it was better. Okay, no, yeah it’s the best book she’s written so far. It’s just wonderful, full of emotion, of personality, of world building. Its so sweet. Making me tear up and everything.

What’s this book, It’s The Journey of Jimini Renn which is a dystopian romance and honestly it’s a must read. It’s not so very character driven like every other book of hers so if the ‘dystopian’ aspect is something you sigh away from, you really shouldn’t. it’s a journey and that’s what the book focus’ on. It’s the MC who the story is about, about growth and his understanding that there’s more to life. It’s about the idea of what the world had turned into and the wonders of the one that came before it. It’s about friends, love, and family and it’s got one of the sweetest, nearly unapologetic naive and that’s what drives this story, it’s what makes it so much more.

And to end here’s the info, it’s available on the 10th of May

In a world without surface water, Jimini Renn wants nothing more than to live inside the protective walls of Adam City for the rest of his life, but his little brother has other ideas.

As far as Jimini is concerned, Adam City has everything he needs. It has a well that provides much-needed water, food, and safety from the dangers of the outside world. When his bookworm of a brother leaves to chase waterfalls, Jimini must follow even though he knows it will probably mean his death. When the first person he meets on the outside pulls a gun on him, he’s proven right. No one who calls himself a slaver and has a gun has Jimini’s safety in mind, even if he is sexy. The journey Jimini expects isn’t the one he gets.